Helping an Elderly Person Declutter: Use Skip Hire Services to Get Rid Of the Junk

Helping an Elderly Person Declutter: Use Skip Hire Services to Get Rid Of the Junk

It’s normal to accumulate possessions over a lifetime. However, having too much stuff creates clutter, which is unsightly but can become a safety hazard to seniors. The only problem is seniors have a problem letting go. They identify each item with a past memory or period, which makes them worry that they’ll forget their past if they don’t have a physical reminder. Disposing of things make others feel like they are losing their independence. If you decide to take on the task of helping an elderly person declutter, follow the following steps:


Bring Up the Topic Tactfully


In an effort to create a safe and comfortable living environment, it might be tempting to declutter your loved one’s home without first checking with them. Doing so will only result in resentment. Discuss the subject with them and let them understand why it’s important to declutter. Expect some form of resistance, and if you don’t succeed the first time, try again. If they accept the offer, then it’s time to begin the process.


Set Realistic Goals


Decluttering a lifelong home isn’t something that can be done in days or even weeks. Come up with a realistic timeline together for completing the process to avoid overwhelming or pushing your loved one. You can decide to declutter one weekend at a time for a given number of months or clear off a given number of bags per session. Be sure to let them maintain control of the entire process so they feel more comfortable. To dispose of rubbish, consider using skip hire services to save time, money, and effort.


Declutter By Category


It’s easier to make decisions when items are categorised. Help your ageing parents group the clutter into the following categories:


Keep: These are items that are still in good condition and useful. Another set of belongings that can be added in this box are sentimental items. But since seniors have a lot of sentimental items, only keep the ones that can be displayed.


Toss: These are piles of unwanted items that are considered rubbish. Since decluttering your ageing parents’ home may take a while, be sure to constantly remove unwanted items out of the house. You can use skip hire services offered by Clearabee to keep waste on-site for a period of time and call the company once you are ready for someone to collect the entire rubbish.


Giveaways: These are items that they still cherish but have to dispose of. Ensure you give away such items in a meaningful way so as to give meaning to the separation. This includes donating to charity, sharing with the needy, or giving them to family members.


Undecided: These are the items that seniors aren’t ready to get rid of. Consider putting them in a storage unit to re-evaluate later.


Special Items: These are special or valuable items that can be sold. Earning some money in the process can be a great incentive to declutter.


Take It Slow


Having patience is the best thing you can do throughout this process. Getting rid of items that formed so many life memories can be extremely emotional. Start decluttering the less sentimental items to ease them into the entire process. Encourage them to share stories about the more sentimental items. Knowing that their memories will live on can make it easier for seniors to dispose of their stuff. Use Clearabee beebags for skip hire to pile up rubbish over the decluttering period.


Decluttering an elderly person’s home can be overwhelming. An objective third party can be more effective at navigating the emotional terrain. Also, consider hiring Clearabee to help you with the waste disposal process. They offer fast, friendly and economical same day rubbish removal and skip hire services, allowing you to declutter at your own pace. They also ensure your waste is disposed of in an Eco-friendly manner, thereby protecting our environment.


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