About OSC

Management Idea

Insisting to promise offering the highest quility product

We promise that give customer the highest quality by excessive demands approximately production manner.
2009 Defective Rate is 0.047% 2010 Defective Rate Taeget is 0.02%
2009 Customer Satisfaction is 98.97% 2010 Customer Satisfaction Taeget is 99.14%
2009 Parts Defective Rate is 0.247% 2010 Parts Defective Rate Taeget is 0.2%

Creating the best choices which have semiconductor equipment、vacuum parts、vacuum oil、chiller to make multiplex management to customers.

The semiconductor and the vacuum industry progress unceasingly. As the best semiconductor equipment and Vacuum parts supplier in Taiwan , we(Large R&D team from The U.S original manufacturer and Taiwan R&D Head quarter)provide the newest 、 the best 、 the most multiplex product to our customer.

Taking broad view at Asian market and marketing internationalization.

The Asian area has large development in the semiconductor industry、the opto industry、the energy industry、the aviation industry and so on relation industry field,but the Asia important development area is in Taiwan、China、Japan and Korea. Our products like local scrubber、vacuum parts、vacuum oil、chiller、antifreezes and so on relation high technical product have used by many technical factory and academy units in Taiwan and China. But we are not complacence, we have to take broad view at Asian and market internationalization that we can grow up our product's competitiveness .

Sustainable operation

We encourage our suppliers and staffs to progress unceasingly that are proving the fact that we step forward sustainable operation.

The supplier is our partner

We regard the suppliers as our partners, which is a reason that we provide stable product and grow up continually in the future. We regard supplier's competence as the OSC's competence, we also think that the supplier `s quality promotion is OSC's quality promotion.

To keep high quality is our work principle

No matter what staffs or customers, each object who we are serviced for is our customer. The customer's satisfaction is quality. The quality is each staff's responsibility. We ask our staff keeping the following attitude

•  We step forward the best

•  We earnest doing each thing best

•  We have to examine momentarily and improve immediately

We pursue 「 CUSTOMER 100% SATISFICATION 」 target which is 「 keep high quality is our work principle 」 concrete practice.

Encourage omni-directional innovation、maintain company's vitality

The innovation is our mission. We emphasize that we pursue innovation in not only product R&D aspect but also sales 、 administration and customer service aspect. Establish and accumulate intellectual property is a effort target. We should have active and high-efficiency attitude to face the fast changing industrial characteristic.

Open communication management mode

We set multiple kinds of communication environments to gather more idea. We gather all ideas to solve customer's problems.

Think highly of employees' welfare、Positively feedback to

Employees are important constituents of our company. We provide salary and benefits packages for employees that are above the industry average. Meanwhile OSC knows that the success of our company depends greatly on the well-being of society and the environment where the company is established. We give back a certain percentage profit to society .