Burn-Wet Scrubber

  • 料號:OSC-ST-001

商品詳細介紹Product Introduction

  1. Working temperature up to 1350°C for effective treatment of PFC and Gas.
  2. Remote-monitor System for non-interrupted control of machine status.
  3. The machine uses circulating water mostly, water consumption is fairly low.
  4. Double pressure gauge for monitoring inlet pressure and outlet pressure.
  5. Touch-control LCD Display with both Chinese and English interfaces for humanized operation.
  6. Double chamber design with independent control systems for automatic by pass.
  7. The reaction chamber with a special design for clog prevention as well as for PFA anti-corrosion, enables prolonged PM (Periodical Maintenance) cycle and shortened PM duration.
  8. The PLC Control System with man-machine interface circuitry offers 99.9% stability and accuracy as well as simple and prompt maintenance.
  9. Featuring SEMI Certification and safety mechanisms such as interlock, instant alarm, troubleshooting, etc.

Product Detail

The Burn-Wet Scrubber is designed for treating waste gas with fluorine content. Combining high-temperature combustive decomposition and hydro dissolution, the process waste gas reacts into a powder or dissolves in the water by way of two-stage high-temperature combustion in the reaction chamber; it is then discharged into the disposal facilities of the plan via another water trough. The system is capable of handling special gases used by most semiconductor and TFT-LCD manufacturers. The maintenance frequency is low and the maintenance time is short, minimizing the impact to the production schedule.
Product Specifications
  1. 2-8 waste gas inlets can be arranged in accordance with the process.
  2. Dimensions (mm) :2100 H x 1200W x 1500 D
  3. Machine Weight:635kg
  4. Max. handling capacity up to 1200 SLM
Optional accessories
Exhaust Blower、Extension LCD Monitor Controller、Auto By Pass System 、Preheat Gun、Heating Jacket、PH Meter System