Thermal Wet Scrubber

  • 料號:OSC-WA-002

商品詳細介紹Product Introduction

  1. Inlet Port:KF50*2.
  2. Work Temperature:850ºC.
  3. High Capacity 600 SLM.
  4. Independent Inlet & Outlet Pressure Gauges.
  5. Inlet Heating Rods heating Device.
  6. Air & N2 preheating device.
  7. Easy preventive maintenance.
  8. SEMI S2-0310.

Product Detail

The latest Gas Decompsition Oxidation thermal wet scrubber is a high-tech semiconductor manufacturing process off-gas treatment system, which has high-temperature electric heating chamber. The exhaust gases produced by the process, by the use of a specially designed reaction chamber, are reacted into the powder or substances dissolved in water, and then go through a fully effective backend treatment before discharge to a central processing system of the plant service. Materials used are in line with FM fire certification, and support isys energy saving environmental features. Process off-gas that can be treated includes special gas used by high-tech semiconductor plant, TFT-LCD plant, LED plant, solar power plant ... etc.
Product Specifications
  1. Process 2 inlet ports
  2. Dimension (MM):950(D) X 1110(W) X 1950(H)
  3. Weight:450 Kg
  4. Total capacity (Contains scrubber Air and N2 flow.) 800 SLM
  5. Optimal capacity (chamber flow) 600 SLM
Optional accessories
Exhaust Blower、Extension LCD Monitor Controller、Auto By Pass System 、Preheat Gun、Heating Jacket、PH Meter System