Burn-Dry Scrubber

  • 料號:OSC-WL-001

商品詳細介紹Product Introduction

  1. Operation temperature 1350°C for effective waste-gas treatment
  2. Low consumption of natural gas for extremely high volume in waste gas treatment.
  3. Power supply panel furnished with automated intelligent cooling system.
  4. Touch-control LCD Display with Chinese interfaces for humanized operation.

Product Details

The Burn-Dry Scrubber is designed for handling waste gas containing fluorine and a large amount of powder where high-temperature combustion is used for cracking fluorine gas in the waste gas. This plant is suitable for processes with high powder content. Cooled with cold air flow, the powder content is collected by way of a special physical design for the convenience of subsequent handling. Applicable to Semiconductor manufacturers, TFT-LCD makers, panel plants, thin film solar cell plants, etc.
Product Specifications
  1. Furnished with 6 waste gas inlets.
  2. Dimensions (mm) :2000 H x 1300W x 1500 D
  3. Machine Weight:1000kg
  4. Max. handling capacity up to 3000 SLM
Optional accessories
Extension LCD Monitor Controller、Auto By Pass System