Thermal Wet Scrubber

  • 料號:OSC-WA-001

商品詳細介紹Product Introduction

  1. SEMI S2 related certificate by ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute)
  2. Water temperature sensor system
  3. Patented low-water consumption design
  4. Intelligent electronic control system
  5. Double-pump draining system
  6. Operation temperature 850°C for effective waste-gas treatment
  7. Intelligent on-line troubleshooting system
  8. Extensive applications in processes including CVD, ETCH, Diffusion, Solar Cell, etc.
  9. Ultra precision safety mechanism with on-line signal points furnished at critical locations within the plant.
  10. Humanized design of machine operation for the protection of relevant operators as well as for safety and convenience.
  11. Globally patented water curtain reaction chamber enabling prevention against clogging and erosion in the chamber by the power dust.
  12. Long maintenance cycle and short maintenance duration (0.5-1.0 hrs) ensuring minimum process down time.

Product Detail

A Gas Decompsition Oxidation Thermal Wet Scrubber is a system for treating process waste gases. Combining thermal oxidization, decomposition and water resolution, process gasses are reacted into powders or soluble matters in the water using a specially designed reaction chamber. After a post-stage thorough and effective treatment, the water is then discharged into the plant draining system. The scrubber is capable of treating special gases used by semiconductor manufacturers, LED makers and solar-energy plants.
Product Specifications
  1. Furnished with 4 waste gas inlets.
  2. Dimensions (mm):2450 H x 1208W x 1008 D
  3. Machine Weight:423kg
  4. Max. handling capacity up to 400 SLM;Update to 600 SLM。
Optional accessories:
Exhaust Blower、Extension LCD Monitor Controller、Auto By Pass System 、Preheat Gun、Heating Jacket、PH Meter System