Wet Scrubber

  • 料號:OSC-WET-001

商品詳細介紹Product Introduction

  1. EMI-S2 Certificate
  2. Low cost
  3. Multiple high-solubility sprinkle systems
  4. Controller with Color LCD Display Panel
  5. Independent inlet/outlet pressure gauges
  6. Quick maintenance and repair
  7. Furnished with multiple sensors including liquid level switches, pressure gauges, etc.

Product Detail

A wet scrubber is a system for treating and decomposing waste gases generated by production sites. The system dissolves and decomposes process waste gases with water and discharge the water into the plant draining system after another process of water treatment. The scrubber is capable of treating most of special gases used by semiconductor manufacturers, TFT-LCD & LED makers, and Epitaxy Plants.
Product Specifications:
  1. Furnished with 4 waste gas inlets.
  2. Dimensions (mm):1750 H x 1200W x 1400 D
  3. Machine Weigh:268㎏
  4. Max. handling capacity up to 1600 SLM
Optional accessories
Exhaust Blower、Extension LCD Monitor Controller、Auto By Pass System 、Preheat Gun、Heating Jacket、PH Meter System