Plasma Scrubber

  • 料號:OSC-PLASMA-001

商品詳細介紹Product Introduction

  1. The ultra-high temperature generated by the plasma can treat the PFC gas completely.
  2. The PLC control system with the human-machine interface (HMI) is 99.9% stable and accurate where maintenance can be done in a simple and rapid way.
  3. The isys function can be used to save energy effectively.
  4. All circuits adopt the dual-circuit design, and the safety interlock is 100% available.
  5. The LCD touchscreen with the interface in both Chinese and English allows user-friendly operations.
  6. The remote monitoring system allows mastery of the machine status at any time.
  7. The machine efficiently uses recycled water to save water.
  8. With the SEMI certificate, the machine is also equipped with enhanced safety mechanisms like the interlock, the instant alarm, troubleshooting features, etc.

Product Detail

The plasma gas abatement system is specifically designed for treatment of fluorine-containing gas. The system can combust and decompose the ultra-high temperature plasma, which can then be dissolved and cooled down in water. The system can also be equipped with the energy-saving device to effectively manage the combustion time and reduce waste, thus achieving high efficiency and low energy consumption. The system can handle gas waste arising from manufacturing of semiconductors, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), and light emitting diodes (LEDs). It can even be installed in a plant without supplies of natural gas, which is very convenient and safe
Product Specifications:
  1. Dimensions (mm):900 H x 850W x 1957D
  2. Machine Weigh:650㎏
  3. Max. handling capacity up to 300 SLM
Optional accessories :
Exhaust Blower、Extension LCD Monitor Controller、Auto By Pass System 、Preheat Gun、Heating Jacket、PH Meter System